Eating the various and delicious Italian foods and experiencing the different tastes in drinks are a national pastime and includes the preparation process, from the choosing of fresh vegetables in the local market to the drinking of an espresso in a small bar halfway the morning, from the enjoyment of a lunch in a simple trattoria to the bringing home of antipasto from the salumeria (delicatessen shop) after you get done working.

As opposed to the rest of the Europeans, Italians like to buy their produce directly from the producer. Wineries, the makers of salumi (the delicatessen), cheese and fresh pasta often have their stores in their homes. You can buy still warm mozzarella cheese from the dairy store, the factory sells pasta by the kilo (about 2.2 pounds), olive oil can be bought from the frantoio (the place where the olives are pressed) and, of course, fish from the fishermen’s boats.

Buon Appetito !

With our Trattoria we want to acquaint you with the regional kitchen of “Mare e Monti” (ocean and mountains).

When you enter our Trattoria restaurant, you will find tastefully decorated and laid out tables. Our Italian chef Silvio likes to prepare delicious daily menus, inspired upon the availability of the seasonal goods and don't miss out our mouthwatering pizza's from the wood oven.








La vita è una combinazione di magia e pasta

- Life is a combination of magic and pasta -


The heart of the Trattoria is formed by the enoteca where a beautiful selection of regional wines can be tasted and bought. Next to it you will find a showcase of salumi (the delicatessen), hams and a variety of cheeses, under which we have included the best of the goat and sheep cheeses being prepared around the corner!

​​​​​​​Of course, you will understand that we cannot give a complete representation of the local varieties, but we try to challenge the connoisseurs to make their choice more difficult.

Gelati Artigianali

When the weather is nice, we serve meals and drinks outside in the shade of perfuming lime-trees, the perfect place also to tempt you to enjoy the creamy and soft flavours of the famous Italian hand-made ice creams.